Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Spring or Is It?

Finally it felt like spring and on Saturday we took advantage of it here at my daughters house in Salt Lake. It was a perfect day for a 5 year old boy to give up his training wheels and take off for the first time. The smiles and looks of growing confidence were wonderful to see. Little sister of course had fun trying to keep up. I took so many pictures but this grandma will save them for her screensaveer and just give you this one of them together.
Then today in typical Utah fashion this happened. The snow started last night and continues so far this afternoon. So no matter what the calendar says, is it spring yet? Not today.


  1. We used to live in Utah. I loved the Uintah`s! Yes, that spring snow always shows up!

  2. Spring comes in fits and starts sometimes- it can drive you crazy! But when it comes for real- there is nothing better! (Love the pics of your little ones! so sweet!)

  3. We've had similar weather here in New Hampshire - the snow finally melted and it got up to 50 and then *bam* we got an inch of snow *shakes head* i am sooo ready for flowers and outdoor markets :)


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