Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Puzzling Fun

Think of my shop as a place where you can find something traditional...with a twist! All my soft toys and Christmas ornaments are very child-safe and every stitch is made by hand (I don't use a sewing machine).
As a knitter, crocheter and hand quilter I enjoy the peacefulness of stitches coming from my hands one after another. I admire and feel connected to others who create fabric or fiber arts the same way. This kind of work, done without machines is what you find in the puzzle balls that come from the shop of Donna Pool.
As you can see here the process starts with the hand sewing of the triangular pieces. Part of the fun must be designing the color scheme for each ball.

The three sections above make up the ball.

At the end you have a colorful, washable piece of fun crafted completely by hand. By going to Donna's shop you can see more of these puzzle balls. As I write this there are a couple of these done as Christmas ornaments you may want to snap up for next year. Larger ones can be made as toys for children. The littlest ones I am sure would just love chewing on them and the older ones can be proud of themselves for mastering the puzzle.

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