Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year Project

A year ago, actually a bit more than that, we hired someone to put in a tile floor for us in the family room and on into the adjoining dining area and kitchen. The job also included the master bath. For one reason or another the guy we hired walked off the job. We found out later that he had written a bad check to the tile company 2 days after we had given him more than enough a deposit to cover materials. Being afraid to hire another poerson that would disappoint us Jim decided to finish the job himself. He completed the living room, the fireplace, dining area and kitchen working on it a bit at a time between hip and back troubles.

With all of that finished we decided on one more project with the tile that was left. What you see above are the result of some pleasuranble breaking up of the last tile. Below is Jim at work with those last pieces. I wanted an easy to wipe down top for the silly half wall in the family room. From this spot you can see the fireplace where he did the same mosiac idea so it kind if ties the room together.

My part of the process was the grouting and sealing which I did yesterday. Any left over pieces are gone now and Jim says he will NEVER put another piece of tile anywhere again in his life. Floors are all done. The last project is complete!

Now I can move on to getting my shops running and much more active. In getting ready for that I have made some other changes too. My computer is now out in the oh so rarely used formal dining room close to the coat closet I took over for all my shipping supplies as well as my camera, tripods and mannequin. With the computer out of my craft room I now have space to set up a cutting area, ironing area and sewing tables so I can walk right in and go to work anytime.

Now on to a great year!

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  1. How wonderful to finally have such a messy job completed! I do not blame your husband for not wanting to do that again.


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