Monday, January 19, 2009

Catching Up

I need to catch up on saying thank you to a couple bloggers. These kind ladies provided recipes on their blogs that I used recently and they were hits.

The first was some yummy caramel popcorn from Every Things Blue which is a great blog that shares with its readers on the topics of books, knitting, crocheting and the occassional recipe like the caramel corn. Thank you! I made this and took it to a dinner on Christmas Day and it was a hit!

The next recipe was for this caramel dipping sauce for fruit. It comes from the blog Whimsy Girl. I lightened it up a bit with fat free cream cheese, Splenda and the Splenda brown sugar blend. I used it as a drizzle on top of a Dutch Apple Pie. It reminded me of the Cinnabon Apple Pie you can get in the freezer case at grocery stores. Husband liked it enough to have it for breakfast one morning so that means it must be good. Thank you for sharing it!


  1. OH! What a great idea to use Splenda AND drizzle it on apple pie! Glad it was a hit!

  2. Yummy recipes. I make my grandma's caramel corn (almost) every year!


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