Saturday, December 13, 2008

Where in the World

No I am not talking about Carmen San Diego. Does anyone remember that computer game and later tv show besides me?

Actually Jim has asked me a couple times if I could choose a destination any where in the world, where would I like to go for a dream vacation. Gemini that I am I have answered differently every time he has asked.

There are places we have been that I would love to return to and explore further. One such place that I would return to is Calgary, Canada. We were there a few years ago during the Stampede and it was so much fun.

There are other places that I have never been to that I imagine would be wonderful to visit. What comes to mind right now are Australia or Ireland. You might notice a trend of English speaking countries here. I mean no disrepect to other places but I have a fear of getting lost in a place where I can't make myself understood. Silly I know but that is just me.

Penny pincher that I am you can bet that when the time comes to actually decide on a destination and go I will be looking for the best travel deals I can find.

What is your dream destination?


  1. Oh, if only money were no hinderance on this dream! I love history and architecture so I would want to go to Europe and even parts of the Middle East (if I was wrapped in a bubble where I could not be seen and shot at). It would be great to see the pyramids and the grand castles.
    But I would settle for a trip to North Carolina, Maine and Vermont.

  2. that show and computer game were amazing!
    i would also love to visit Alberta. I am canadian, and I have never gone farther west than Ontario (where I live)


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