Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Look

I have been selling or at least occupying a bit of cyber space with that intention for a couple years now. Over that time I have lost track of how many times I have changed avatars and banners. I am not a graphic artist or a fantastic photographer but I try. I kept trying out fonts and graphics to create a look and as soon as I was done with a new design I knew I would just live with it for awhile and change again later.

This morning enjoying the sunshine and a cup of coffee I looked across the yard and spotted a bird peeking from the leaves on a bush we have. I watched for a bit before it hit me that this was the type of image I was looking for! I went to get the camera and the bird ducked back in among the leaves. When I returned I had to wait a bit before it peeked out again. I didn't try to get too close being afraid it would duck back in and not come out. I shot lots of pictures hoping that without a tripod they would come out okay.It worked. I now have an image that is my own. No copying of anyone else and I think that it fits my cozy life theme. This is one of the photos I worked with and if you follow the links to my shops using the widgets on the right you can see how I used it. I also used it as a header for this blog and my other blog. Look around at how I used it and give me some feedback if you are willing and have some time. I guess that (the time part) is a bit of a joke for all of us these days, huh?

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