Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Decorating and Gifts

In our house the major focus of Christmas decorating in years past has been the Christmas tree. For a very long time it was always a real tree. The trip to buy it was a family affair and a couple of those trips were to more than one tree lot until the tree we all liked was found.

Eventually we bought an artificial tree. It is huge! It is maybe 7 feet tall and very full. It looks gorgeous when it is all lit and has the ornaments on it. Being down here in Arizona we are not hosting the big family Christmas anymore and it does not seem worth it to do it all up just for Jim and I.

I don't want to let the season slip by without doing something however. Two easy ways to add some seasonal decor are with wreathes and centerpieces. Even with his long hours we have dinner together every night and I like to set a pretty table.

There are some people we buy gifts for that have every thing they want or need. Giving them something fresh and beautiful or sweet and yummy maybe in a Christmas gift basket is one way to let them know they are remembered and cherished this time of year. I think choosing these type of gifts is part of the holiday fun and I always enjoy it.


  1. We too are empty nesters, w/o a single Christmas decoration up for our first time. Though we eat dinner together 99% of the time, always being certain to count our blessings and honor our relationship, I had not thought of adding just a small touch here & there to enhance our holiday feelings.

    Thank you for the idea.


  2. Our babies all have paws and fur so our decorating is minimal to avoid it ending up all over the house! I love your ideas though and enjoyed your lovely post!


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