Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Do You Love Dogs?

Each week on the EtsyBloggers Street Team blog a different team member is featured. I have a lot of fun writing these posts and it is my small way of contributing to the group effort to showcase the work of other artisans. I think things like doing the blog posts creates good Karma and the good will come back to you.

This week the feature was a very fun shop, Nanjo Dogz. The artist specializes in polymer clay dogs. These are made as beads and for this time of year ornaments. Other figures are done as well but the focus is dogs. Let me show you.

Isn't that cute? What about this one?

Want to see more?

What are you waiting for? Go shopping already!


  1. Oh what a cute shop...thanks for sharing! I might just have to get that boxer ornament...looks like my Roscoe!!

  2. Thank you so much for doing a feature on my doggies! It's so nice to be a part of such a wonderful group! Happy Holidays, Nancy


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