Thursday, October 30, 2008

Come on Over

Excuse me but I want to get your attention please. If you are seeing this post in a reader please click on what you need to to come on over to the actual blog. I want to show you something. Go ahead and click I'll wait........

Here now? Good. I want to point out to you the little widget on the right. Do you see it? The followers widget? I am simply amazed and extremely thankful that I have over 40 followers as of today. Thank you each and every one. I have tried to keep track of you and follow or subscribe to your blog feeds when you show up there if I am not reading your blogs already. All you need to do to put your avatar there if you haven't already is choose to follow the blog by clicking on "Follow this Blog".

What really makes me happy about this is that this little piece of code has given me the audience I write for in a visual form. I look over there at those guys and wonder if I will get any comments, will I make someone think in a new way, will my admittedly strange sense of humor (a bit dry I know) make someone smile? Will I be able to share with you a fantastic artist or item and help you discover something you would enjoy having?

The internet can be a big lonely place. You have all made it more friendly and I am grateful. Your avatars are bits of your personalities and I am glad you shared them with me. Thank you.

1 comment:

  1. I enjoy your blog and appreciate the fact that you take time to read mine! It's great to have "blog buddies!"


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