Tuesday, October 7, 2008


In my previous post you see that it is my daughter's birthday. She also left a comment there about my choice of picture.

In continuing to tease the birthday girl I want to know if she thinks these pictures are any better? Probably not huh?

That just goes to show that just like me she doesn't like to get her picture taken so it is hard to find a nice pretty one in my collections.

So dear Cindy if you don't like the pictures it is your fault.

Happy birthday anyway!


  1. These ones are a little better, I have no idea when or where they were taken, but I still don't really like them.

  2. They were taken at Kaycee's soccer game last year right before you told me to quit taking your picture.

  3. I think the one on the right is perfect. Outside, happy, and beautiful!

  4. Oh Cindy - So few of us like to have our pictures taken = let alone posted to the world! You'll have to think of a fun way to get back at your mom - but don't forget that she loves you!!!!


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