Friday, September 26, 2008

Sharing a Favorite

I noticed recently that I have about 20 pages of shops that I have favorited in the Etsy system of giving hearts. I spend very little money personally but I have hearted these shops because their art or craft abilities are, to me, outstanding. I think these are shops that everyone should know about and for those of you with some discretionary funds you could certainly make a purchase.

With all that said I decided to start sharing these artists with you starting at the end of my list and moving forward. I don't have a specific schedule planned for doing this but rather a goal to show you a few of them each week. These are unsolicited posts that I will be doing just because I like what I see in the shop.

So to get started may I present to you Blue Tree Gallery. You can get to know them by the profile page where Etsy artists introduce themselves.
We are a husband/wife team. Our last name is Aoki, which means "Blue Tree" in Japanese. That's why we call ourselves Blue Tree Gallery.

The technique we use to create our night lights is based on the way traditional Japanese lanterns are made. Typically, Japanese lanterns consist of a bamboo armature, covered with a paper shade.

Our method is a contemporary version of this tradition. We use wire for our armatures. Because it is so malleable, we can create any shape we can imagine. We cover the frames with richly textured and vibrant colored Thai papers. We treat each light with flame retardant (though the 4 watt bulbs emit so little heat it is perfectly safe to leave them on 24/7), and acrylic (for durability).

We think light is one of the most fun ways to create ambiance in a room. So, our artistic goal is to create artwork that the form of a night light.

Thanks for your interest in our creations!

This husband and wife team explain the reason you would want to have one of these lights for yourself on the homepage of the shop.
Our artsy lights are the perfect way to add cheerful ambience and character to a room. They're bright, colorful accent pieces during the day, and at night they're totally unique night lights.

As always I encourage you to take a look for yourself. You can start in their shop right here.
For those of you using a reader to see this post I have included an Etsy Mini of their fabulous work in this post that you won't see unless you come to my blog to see the original post.


  1. This was a new shop for me, very nice!

  2. these are just beautiful night lights! Thanks for sharing, Cozy - I look forward to your series of favorites (and might steal the idea, if it's OK with you).

  3. No problem sharing the idea storybeader. I doubt it is a new one and sharing Etsy is what the EtsyBlogger are about right?

  4. awesome nightlights lo-------ve them


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