Monday, September 8, 2008

My World is Blue

It used to be that I had a lot of blue accents in my home. It is a calming color and I love it. I also owned two blue minivans in the past and was told by one daughter that if I bought another blue car and especially a minvan she would disown me. Over the past several years my home has changed to have a lot of green and red in it and for now that is ok. The last car we bought is a platinum sage Santa Fe and I love it.

When it comes to crafting however, I find myself working on blue over and over. It seems to be the color that draws my eye first when choosing fabrics or yarn. Most of my headbands currently in the shop are blue. I do have plans for adding browns and greens into the mix but for now if you love blue like I do consider these headbands for yourself.

When making a headband I hemstitch a two inch wide double layer of fabric. The hemstitching puts holes in the piece so that I can do a crocheted edge and crocheting with thread is one of my favorite things to do. What I like about this headband design is that you can custom fit it just for you with the ties. If you really need to get your hair out of your way you can use the tie ends to make a ponytail as well.

Many times you see this kind of work on flannel for baby blankets and burp cloths. I enjoy this technique for things other than baby items. In the coming months you will see it in my shop on things like table runners, place mats and circles and ovals of different sizes. As usual for me there will be lots of blue but other colors as well. I promise.

This post will be part of the September 15th Etsybloggers blog carnival. You will find it hosted on Storybeader's blog with a list of all participants on that day.


  1. I love your headbands. Very pretty.

  2. I keep going to blue myself, and I don't really know why, not my fav color or anything...

    It started w/ college - I borrowed those extra long sheets/comforter from someone and they were blue, so I got blue stuff to match. Then my living room, moving into our first apartment together, I had inherited my grandmother's blue recliner. Since it was blue, I got blue curtains to match. Then someone I ended up w/ more blue. And my bridesmaids dresses were periwinkle and the color scheme was shades of blue.

    My kitchen is apple (reds and greens) and my living room is earthy, so I've managed to branch out.

    I don't hate blue, I just migrate towards it. Maybe I'm a closet blue lover :)

  3. Beautiful blues. I love your headbands...very creative!

  4. I always used to (that's the key words) buy blue for the bathroom and bedroom - but in the last, say 7 years, those rooms have turned green, along with the outside of our house. But I have a blue car, and if I get another (when I win the lottery), I want another blue one!


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