Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Confidence

It is great to have sales. It lets you know that someone out there appreciates what you do. It gives you the confidence to risk a little more and put up more things for judgement and hopefully sales.

In keeping with these new found good feelings I made some changes and added some things to two of my shops, the one on Etsy and the one on Silkfair.

New to Etsy are these two scarves. Sometimes I get my hands on a yarn I enjoy working with and like to see what variations I can come up with. I have done four scarves all together with this yarn so look for two more in the shop very soon.

DSC_2296 black wide 3

The scarf on the left is narrow and the variegated yarn was combined with a solid black worsted weight.

The scarf on the right is about 8 inches wide and only uses the variegated boucle yarn that goes from a deep black to silvery gray to white and back to the black.

Both of them are very soft and light but still would add a bit of comfort to your neck and shoulders.

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