Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Month of Fame

That is what A Keeper's Jackpot has for July - a month of fame. All active members of the EtsyBloggers Street Team will be spreading the word about this great artist. You can find her works for sale in her Etsy shop.

Here is an example-Doesn't the necklace above say cool summer night to you? I love the delicate color of the beads combined with the silver.

I could not describe this necklace and better than the artist did herself.

While having nothing to do with an ocean, the color of the beads and the design of the pendant remind me of a tropical ocean... The beautiful Murano style glass pendant has shades of periwinkle and ocean blue. With imagination you can see seaweed and coral. The shape of the pendant is like that of a fish and you can picture its silver scales.

I love blogs for giving me the ability to take a peek into the lives of those whose work I admire. Knowing more about the artist behind the work makes it more meaningful to me. If you feel that way too then you need to head over to A Keeper's Jackpot blog. This blog covers the useful in a section of Etsy Tutorials, what's new in her My Projects section and fun stuff about the region she is from in the Adirondacks section. In typical EtsyBlogger share the love fashion she also has a section of Featured Artists that may help you find a new shop and artist you are interested in.

If you like giveaways and are not an EtsyBlogger(really who doesn't?) you want to get to her blog and take a look at the rules in this post. You have a chance to win the earrings you see pictured here.

So go check out the shop and the blog and tell her Cozy sent you!

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  1. great post - so friendly and true blue, you just want to go over and see what it's all about!


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