Thursday, July 3, 2008

Minis are the Best!

I just love the Etsy mini and use it all the time as some of you may know. It is an easy way for me to put a couple current products on out EtsyBloggers team blog to say "Happy Birthday" to someone. For a more indepth article like our regular weekly Mini Monday featured artists I like to use the mini along with a couple pictures from the artists shop and some profile information to give a good idea of who our amazing members are.

I have two minis on this blog. One of them is in the sidebar and shows items in my shop. The other one is all the way down at the bottom and is a gallery of sorts of some of my favorites. These are things that make me say wow! I change and add to them all the time. I call it window shopping.

When I was the teams featured blogger for the month of May I used a mini here in posts to thank those who took the time to post about my blog and shop on their blogs. I know this is not the most read blog on the internets but I do hope that it did some good for their shops.

What I really love about this widget is the versatility. The pictures can be thumbnail or gallery size. You can do your own shop or someone elses. You can adjust the size of the grid from 1 by 1 to about 5 by 5 pictures. What it shows is always current and all clickable without having to set up any of the links on your own.

Want to see again what this little thing looks like? How about taking a look the store for our blog carnival host this week Storybeader.

Here is a peek at her favorite things-

See what I mean about versatility? A couple clicks, a number replaced and you have an instant mini shop front! I just love this thing!


  1. WOW! I've got to try that. Jackpot and I were just talking about the same thing! But then I thought that you could only do a mini of your own shop. How cool is that! And thanks for the show-off. I feel so lucky to be hosting this week (though you wouldn't have written about favorites if I hadn't thought it up!) ?!!?

  2. You can edit the html to make more than the 5x5 that Etsy allows if you want

    *sneaky grin*

  3. I think I have gone as high as 7 and still had it work but for this post I just used the numbers available on Etsy.

    Love the mini!


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