Monday, June 9, 2008

My Mom

Today is my mother's birthday. I don't she would mind if I told you she is 74 today. I was born 53 years ago yesterday the day before her 21st birthday. So much for a party that day I am sure. She was the 6th of 12 of my grandparents children. She was also the last one to be born at home with the doctor coming to the house in a dust storm. This was 1934 in Kansas on a farm in the dust bowl days. She walked through the heat, rain and snow down a dirt road to elementary school in a one room school house. Later in high school and college she was very active in sports. Her high school basketball team went to a state tournament where she will tell you she averaged 28 points a game. She also played and lettered in softball and tennis.

These days I think her biggest joy is having family gather in her home. In fact as far as she is concerned the more the merrier. She loves to cook for a crowd and usually makes way too much food for all of us. Playing with the babies is always a treat for her and there are it seems always a few in our family to play with. Mom has 5 children, 14 grandchildren and somewhere around 15 great grandchildren although I am ashamed to admit I am not real sure about that number. She is with the youngest great granddaughter in this picture in February.

Happy to You Mom!

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  1. Cozy, my mom just turned 75 on June 6th--and I was born on her 40th birthday!

    Happy Birthday to the both of you :)


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