Thursday, June 5, 2008


Sometimes I get carried away with things. I have kind of found myself at a stand still with crafting. I have so much that needs to be photographed and put online that making more things seems rather silly.

So the other day I went to the library and checked out six books, some are fiction and some nonfiction. Since I wanted a fast read I chose to spend the afternoon yesterday with the thinnest of the six. It was Nancy by Michael Deaver. It was a pleasant story obviously written by some one who really admired Nancy Reagan. I don't really know enough about her to have an opinion one way or another. I remember how the press treated her at times but I always figure that if you cut the exaggerations of the print and television news about in half you are probably closer to the truth on most matters.

It has felt real good to spend the last two days with my nose buried in books. Tomorrow some photography and new listings and will be introducing my new photography assistant, Molly.

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