Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Our Father's Day was a quiet one. Jim talked to kids and grandkids which he always enjoys. He didn't want much in the way of a celebration from me. He wanted, believe it or not, to go to McDonald's for breakfast. He loves Egg McMuffins so that is what he got. Two of them in fact.

He had to spend part of the day preparing for a business trip. We did some shopping and picked up a new thumb drive and a rolling laptop case to make things easier for him when he travels. He was using a shoulder bag before and his laptop is not one of the lightest models.

He buys for himself any thing he wants so figuring out gifts for him can be tough. We have noticed a plant in many places around here called the Red Bird of Paradise. He has said many times that he would like some of those for our yard. So that is what I got for him. I actually got three and they are now planted in the front yard. Ours are not this big yet of course. I love the lacy leaves and bright flowers so this will be something we can both enjoy.

I hope all fathers had a wonderful day!

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