Friday, May 2, 2008

More Thank You's Going Out

I was most graciously featured on these three blogs today - Serendipity Collections, Quilts With Heart and Stormy Designs.
The features are part of a group project for the EtsyBloggers Street Team. This is an amazing group of Etsy sellers and bloggers that work hard to raise awareness of Etsy, our shops and other shops belonging to team members. Thinking about being the featured blogger for the month of May still is making me walk around with a silly grin on my face. The things I did for the team like the birthday posts and the mini Mondays were all done just because it was fun but this participation is part of why I was recognized. Last month in April it was Stormy Designs who was featured. She is the person behind our blog carnivals and fantastic to work with. She keeps it all on time and organized. In the coming months I am looking forward to seeing who the future featured sellers are. I can think of several members who have been active from this teams beginnings last year. I will enjoy writing about them all I am sure.


  1. You're quite welcome! I hope you make record sales this month. And thanks so much for the mini!

  2. Cozy, it seems you have figured out how to get more hours in the day, you do so much. How do you get so much knitting done? I seem to put mine down in between car travel trips! Tell your secret?
    PS - here's a link to your blog


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