Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Go Look!

Go take a look at these shops. This is just a tiny part of the variety of Etsy. These are the shops of EtsyBlogger Street Team members that have taken the time to post on their own blogs about me and my little shop and blog during my featured month. This series of Etsy minis is my small way of saying thank you to them.

If you want to see more of any shop just click on the item picture of the shop name below and you will be whisked away to a whole new world of shopping.


  1. Congratulations Cozy on being the etsy blogger of the month! Thanks for the mini! Hope you sell tons to items!

  2. You are very sweet to have added a link to each of our shops when you are the one being honored.

    Thanking you so much for your thoughtfulness and support.

    Many hugs,

  3. You are welcome. I guess I just figure EtsyBloggers is about helping us all. We are a team right? Using the minis is such an easy and fun tool.


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