Thursday, May 8, 2008

Every Blooming Thing

I think of this afghan as Flowers for Emma. As soon as I send a picture and make sure it meets her approval it will be on its way. This young lady wanted a new blanket because she has worn out her baby one and wanted a new blanket fit for a person of 6 and one that she could enjoy for many years to come. I found out that she likes pink and flowers. I think I have given her both in this design.

This afghan is made up of flowers trimmed with v-stitch borders and final borders of v-stitch all around the edge. It is laid out in a pattern of 5 blocks by 7 blocks. That makes for 35 flowers in the blanket that all have pink in them but no two are exactly alike. I am pleased with the way this turned out and being able to get it from my mind into the finished product so well. I hope she likes it.


In other blooming news take a look at what came to my door today! I have heard of Edible Arrangements before and have been in one of their stores. This gift was sent for Mother's Day from my daughters and their families. I am saving it in the fridge to show my husband when he gets home tonight. Well not all of it, the grapes had to go to fit better. They were so sweet!


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  1. Beautiful afghan, and yummy looking arrangements :)

  2. Love the afghan & I know she will too. Your work is beautiful. Thanks for participating!

  3. That afghan is just gorgeous. I showed the pic to my 7yo daughter, and she's in love. And I totally love Edible Arrangements. My girls got me one with chocolate covered strawberries last year--so yummy!

  4. that's a great 3-D afghan! And the "fruit cup" looks good enough to eat! Looks like you got a great coffee mug too.

  5. What an amazing afghan! You do such wonderful work :D Hope that you enjoyed your Edible Arrangement! It looks so yummy!


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