Friday, April 18, 2008

Ten Bulls

This week the theme for the EtsyBloggers Carnival is bull. I love to use these themes to discover new artists or explore ideas I may never have found or thought about on my own. Many times when stumped on what to write for my carnival entry I turn to Etsy and go window shopping. It worked for this theme very well I believe.

I found a self published book by the artist Maria Lewis. This artist uses her own photography to illustrate the classic Zen story of Ten Bulls. Each bull in the story is following a step on the path to enlightenment. The steps begin with a search for a path to follow and end at the tenth by entering the world to spread enlightenment through all your contacts. The story and interpretations can be found in many places but none of them are as beautifully done as what the artist, Maria Lewis has done in this book.


  1. Good read, thanks for participating!

  2. That was great. I want to go out and get that book. Thanks for the enlightenment!!

  3. Wow great find! That book looks so interesting and the cover illustration is pretty cool. Thanks for your blog carnival post!


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