Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Some people......

Some people just amaze me. I got a comment on my post for Read Across America from the nephew of Sheryl who I wrote about on that day. She was such a huge part of the celebration at our school that day. She lost a battle with cancer a few years ago and the world is different without her. I was just so surprised that he found my little post and left a comment.

Someone in Utah contacted me last week with another surprise.

I used to do a craft show the first weekend in November in Spanish Fork, Utah. The last time I was in the show was 2005. The person who contacted me bought a crocheted baby blanket and got one of my business cards.

It seems that the blanket was lost recently on a family trip and the little guy it belonged to was sad. She wanted to know if I could make him a new blanket but maybe slightly larger this time.

What amazed me is the persistence she showed to get in touch with me. The home phone and email on that card are no good anymore. I did keep my cell number the same and that is how she found me. Not only that but she had the card after more than 2 years! Wow!

You can see what I came up with for him. I sent this picture to see if the blanket is alright. If so, I get to make a trip to the Post Office soon. I just love sending my work off to new homes.

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