Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I saw a mention of a site called Silkfair a short time ago in the forums on Etsy. In looking it over I decided to give it a try. This is online selling is getting to be like going from craft show to craft show. I think I have a good sense of where I want to go with my stuff. I keep evaluating site after site and finding this or that about them that I don't like. I know if I want to make a part time income from my handcrafted goodies it probably can't all be done on one site. I have, at least for now, settled on three. I will right away that the first major consideration for any site is how it looks. Is is easy to figure out how to navigate. Do the products stand out or is it the page itself? Is it pleasing to the eye?

I have decided to end listing on blujay. I am sorry. I am sure there are people who are great fans of Blujay and I wish you all well. The set up for selling is nice and easy to use. I just think the way the pages and stores are laid out is just ugly. I wouldn't want to shop there with the way it looks.

This now leaves me with Etsy which I think for now and maybe well into the future is one of the best sites for handcrafted goods. My Etsy mini is on the left and you can use it to go to my shop there and look around.

One other site I will keep a presence on is Ecrater. I like the way to stores look and the features they offer for setting up a shop. I just found out that they now have widgets. My Ecrater widget is in the sidebar on the left. You can use it to check out my items and go to the store.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post the newest place you can find A Cozy Life's hand crafted things is SilkFair. I started with some bandannas today and a blog post. (Yes every seller gets their own blog.) This place is doing a lot right and it will be fun to see how it grows and grow with it I hope. They don't have any cool gadgets or badges for blogs yet but when they do I will proudly put it on the left with the others. Below are my first listings on Silk Fair. Tomorrow I plan to add some headbands.


  1. Love your SilkFair store widget...looks great!

  2. Thanks. I love it when sites provide these things. You can spread the influence in an easy to use way. I should be good for all of us.


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