Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Great Breakfast

I want to share with you what is a secret of ours. There is a Mexican restaurant in Apache Junction called Los Gringos Locos. During the winter when this town's population doubles with snowbirds they start serving breakfast on the weekends. We go here for breakfast most weekends through the winter usually on Sunday.

The food is fantastic and includes burritos with chorizo or machaca, plates of eggs with those meats or made to order omelettes. While others who don't know better are across the parking lot lined up to eat at a greasy spoon that shall remain nameless we have a wonderful breakfast in an uncrowded place for about the same price. The season will be ending soon and we will have to find a new place for our weekend mornings but you can be sure we will be back as soon as they start serving breakfast again next fall.

For lunch and dinner I have never had anything on the menu I didn't like. My favorite if you made me choose is probably the fish tacos. The fish is grilled and then chopped. It is put together with mild cheese, shredded cabbage and a mango salsa. Sooooo good!

Just felt like sharing this with you. If you are ever in the Apache Junction area and hungry you will never have a bad meal at this place.

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