Friday, March 14, 2008

So Thankful!

Just like making a sale is still over the top thrilling for me, getting feedback on Etsy feels the same if not slightly more intense. My buyer was pleased and so am I. The feedback left for me was from a Canadian and I am in the US. I think this may make me the number 1 seller of hemstitched headbands in the world. If you can find another I will publicly acknowledge my mistake here on the blog. If you are wondering what all my fuss is about look here.

If you would like your own headband I have some in all three of my shops. The prices are the same in all three stores. If you are a huge Etsy fan I am willing to move something from Blujay or Ecrater to Etsy and list it for you. However I will not move from Etsy to the others as that would be fee avoidance and that is bad bad no no.

Here are some of the current offerings-

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