Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Goals This Week

I have known for a long time that I am the type of person that needs deadlines. I do well with them and not so well without them. When making deadlines I need to have ones that are committed to doing something for some one else. As an example I state in my online shop on Etsy that I will ship your order in one to three business day after your payment is received. That is a commitment I cannot and do not ignore.
In trying to create guidelines for myself I thought if I laid out goals on a weekly basis I may force myself to report to you how I did on managing to meet them. So with no more procrastinating on my part considering it is Tuesday already here we go.
headbands flannel
I have 2 major to me things to get done. The first is to get this assortment of headbands photographed and in shops. The second is to get at least half of this flannel cut and hemstitched for blankets so that I can get edges crocheted on them. The baby blankets will go to my sister in California. She owns and embroidery business in Ventura called Creative Stitches. It was her idea to offer them to her customers to have baby names and dates put on them. We have had positive responses to them so far so I need to get more done and sent off to her shop. I may put some extras in my online stores as well. It depends on how many she wants for her shop.
There are the plans. I will let you know this weekend how I did.

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