Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Catching Up

Catching up is what I will need to do the rest of this week. Last week I posted about 2 goals. One of them was to cut flannel for baby blankets and burp cloths. That goal was met and now I need to get the flannel to the hemstitching machine for the stitching that makes it possible to do a crocheted edge on them. the other goal was to photo and list more headbands that I have completed and that didn't get done. My easily distracted self started organizing when I realized what a mess my sewing room and cutting table was when I started working on the flannel. So in my distraction I pulled everything out of the closet in that room and got is sorted and neatly into labeled boxes. The yarn and crochet thread went back into the closet boxed and all the fabrics went under the cutting table.

It was a good week however because I sold another headband on Etsy. It is always such a wonderful surprise to get the email telling you of a sale. I hope that someday I will have had so many sales that the new may wear off but for now every sale is such a thrill. This sale was for a black and white headband that you see on the left and in fact I have sold 2 of them and I made 4 so tomorrow I will relist and see what happens. I cut the fabric for these and then hemstitched them and crocheted the decorative edge and ties. The ties are long enough that you could use them to tie around a ponytail if you really wanted to get your hair out of the way. I have gotten positive responses on them including an invitation to 2 craft shows because they are different. I consider that a nice compliment.

As I said before I hope to get more of them listed on Etsy this week. In the mean time if you want to take a look I have some in my blujay and ecrater stores. You can find the links for those shops right here on the blog. I keep my pricing the same in all three shops so you can just shop where you are most comfortable.

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