Sunday, February 10, 2008

Memorable Valentine's Day

The Valentine's Day of 2004 will stand out in the minds of much of our family for a long time.

A couple days before the holiday Jim and I were at a Flying J Truck stop in Lakepoint, Utah to get something to eat. This is a rather rural area about 25 miles from Salt Lake City. As we were getting seated the waitress who knew our family asked where our granddaughter was. She along with her Mom and Dad had meals there with us fairly often. The granddaughter is usually chatty, smiling and friendly so every one gets to know her.

Jim starts to call them to see if they want to join us and his phone rings. It is our son in law who says they have been in an accident on the way home from Walmart and it looks really bad for the other car. Without asking any more questions we leave the restaurant and go to where they are about 8 miles away.

The other vehicle was a small pickup. It had slid across the center line of the road as snow was beginning to fall and was t-boned by the Durango my daughter was driving. The truck ended up in two pieces on the side of the road. The Durango was totaled.

As it all turned out thanks to seat belts, air bags and car seats everyone in this accident was banged up and scared but okay. Every one took a ride to the hospital to get checked out and then we took daughter, son in law and granddaughter home.

The reason they were at Walmart in the first place was to get Valentines for the granddaughter to hand out to classmates at Kindergarten. When she came home from school on Valentine's Day guess what was in the bottom of her backpack? You got it, the valentines! She was so excited looking at the ones she was receiving that she forgot to hand hers out.

This Valentine's themed post is part of the Etsy Blogger Street Team Carnival for February 11th. It will be hosted at Tulips Treasure Box. Look for the post there that will give you the links to all participating blogs sometime on Monday the 11th. If you would like to know more about the EtsyBloggers you can go here.

If you are looking for handcrafted Valentine's Day gifts you can alway start your search on Etsy. With more than 100,000 shops and who knows how many items for sale you will be sure to find something. My recommendation would be something like this romantic little box by artisticrenderings who I just happened to notice joined etsy on my birthday.


  1. That certainly is a memorable day! I'm sure every Valentine's Day for you and your family is a day to count your blessings.
    Great post,
    take care!

  2. I'm glad to hear no one was hurt in the accident. The story of your granddaughter being so excited about the receipt of her Valentine's that she forgot about hers is so sweet. A memorable Valentine's Day, indeed!

  3. Oh My ~ I am so glad no one was hurt, what a miracle ~ and then the poor little dear forgot to hand out her Valentines, LOL


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