Monday, January 21, 2008

Slow Start

It seems as if I am getting a fast moving year off to a very slow start. It is not as if I am doing nothing but rather that it has all been behind the scenes kind of stuff. I have been busy with the kind of projects that don't translate into products in my shops.

In the last couple months I made knitted or crocheted gifts for each of the grandkids, worked on painting and flooring projects with Jim, been to Utah and back, redesigned business cards and store graphics, hemstitched and crocheted flannel receiving blankets for my sister's embroidery business in California. I have also been organizing my yarns and crochet threads and have to go through my fabric stash next. I need to go through finished products as well and get them pressed or blocked for their photos.I have been gathering lighting equipment for taking better product photos.

I am starting to feel as if I am on top of things so that I can now concentrate on getting products online and am looking forward to spring and summer to get this done.

Above is my banner for a blujay shop. The blue I am using here coordinates with the colors of the site. I think it gives a nice clean look.

Finally I did a new Etsy banner for my shop there and used that banner for my blog. Once again I did a clean look to work with the site colors and let the products show. It gives you the shop name and what I do. For now I am happy with my work. In true Gemini fashion in a couple months I may be changing it all again. Who knows?


  1. Hi Kathy,
    I know what you mean, my year started out slow to,,but I am getting on top of things.. How about thursday around 10:30am to bring the burp cloths to you,,also I am in need of purple or violet thread if you just happen to have some that would be to you soon,,

  2. Sent you a convo on Etsy. Good to hear from you.


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