Thursday, November 15, 2007

More of My Floor

I fear that this job has been abandoned by the Guido. He asked for money on Tuesday. The response he got from us was that we needed to see the rest of the materials for the job before we gave him anymore. He has agreed to this and this has been the same response for more than a week. At the beginning of the job we were told that all materials were paid for and being held in his name. We told Guido that we wanted the supplies here. Each time he had some reason why the materials won't be here today but maybe tomorrow.

At about 10:30 Tuesday morning he left without a word which wasn't that unusual to finally, I hoped, get the rest of the stuff for the job. I was expecting to see tile, grout, and thin set in my garage by that afternoon. He never returned. Jim called and left voice mail on his phone and the call was never returned. He didn't show up yesterday or so far this morning. The living room is about 2/3 done. The hallway has tile down but no grout or sealer. The kitchen has not been worked in at all. This should be a Thanksgiving to remember and laugh about but the way I feel about this right now it won't be for a few years.

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