Monday, November 19, 2007

More Floor News

This Guido (the disappearing floor guy) is a real ass. Excuse the language but you will understand in a minute.

Through the guy who gave us his name (thanks?) we found out where the tile we have at our house so far was purchased because he picked the stuff for us up in his truck. Jim decided we could finish this job ourselves and I was willing to help him try so off we went on Saturday to the supplier. We had a sample and explained about the abandoned job and how we needed the stuff- tile, thin set and grout - to finish the job because the original tile was purchased there but not enough for completion and we needed a match. They asked who did this to us and right away there was a reaction to the name and it wasn't a good one. It seems that even thought we gave Guido the money to buy everything needed for the job he wrote the tile suppliers a bad check. Now you get the ass part right?

The tile folks were very kind and we got what we needed at the contractors price which I thought was generous. From the customer service there I can recommend Tanner Materials if you are looking for tile or stone for your home. They are on Arizona Avenue in Chandler.

We started on Saturday and worked through last night and made quite a bit of progress for two people learning as we worked. Jim is cutting and laying tile. My job was to get the glue from the kitchen floor that adhered the old sheet vinyl. We were told thin set won't work well on top of that glue and it had to be removed. I also grouted the hallway and a couple of spot left undone in the master bath.

We won't be done by Thanksgiving but we have taken charge of the job, our home and our lives and it feels good, sore muscles, knees and all.


  1. I am sorry for all your trouble but the good thing is you have learned a new trait and you can say you did it yourself..cant wait to see pictures..good luck..and Happy Thanksgiving..

  2. I'm glad Guido is out of the picture now. Sounds like a real con job. Can't wait to see the finished floors. I know you'll be glad when you get them done. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving :-)


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