Friday, October 19, 2007

Saturday Soccer Game

This is my oldest grandchild at a Saturday morning soccer game. She is the one with the ponytail and black headband. Kaycee started playing soccer this year and seems to be enjoying it. I like the idea of kids in sports. Learning how to play within the structure of the rules of a sport and as part of a team can be a positive experience for a child. I had been hearing about her practices and games for awhile now when we chat online. I was happy to be able to be at a game to cheer her on.

When I am not there the pictures below show her regular cheerleaders. They are mom Tammy, brother Tristan and dad Jason. Even with the cloudy sky and little bits of rain it was a fun morning being all together to see Kaycee and her teammates play even if Tristan's face isn't quite showing that.

Next family post - the new baby.

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