Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More on My House

I don't know about this Guido guy. The work he has done so far seem high quality but so slow. Once again yesterday he told Jim he would be finished in 2 weeks. I just don't understand how that can happen. The master bath is not complete yet and tomorrow is the end of the first week. He still has hallway, family room, kitchen, fireplace and entry to do. I am afraid this guy will be here till Christmas. I don't know how he can make a living with the amount he bid the job at.

I am finding it difficult to get much done as well. The guy is afraid of dogs so I spend a lot of my day keeping my dog and him apart. Patches has always been a house dog and is wondering why I keep throwing him out in the backyard all day. Even with food water and treats he cries and barks to come in and can keep that up for hours. I started taking crocheting projects outside and sitting with him. Does this sound silly-trying to keep a dog calm and quiet? If I come in the house then Guido wants to start talking which keeps him and me from getting anything done. I would rather he go faster and I stay with the dog and crochet. Besides I like my dog better.

The picture above is Jim not Guido taking out the kitchen floor. Removal and hauling away was supposed to be part of the job. At this point I think Jim will do anything to speed up the process so we pulled carpet, laminate floor, vinyl, baseboards and tack strips and hauled it all away. Patches didn't mind because he got to watch this part of the job.

God I hope this doesn't turn into the disaster I am afraid it will be and please let the Guido be done and gone by Thanksgiving because I am not silly enough to think that 2 weeks is going to happen.

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