Monday, October 1, 2007

Love Digital Photography

Digital photographs have saved me from a life with no pictures. Jim and I owned several film cameras years ago. Our big failure was getting the film developed. I just never seemed to get done. It makes me sad to think of all the shots that turned to garbage on rolls of film that were never developed.

When digital cameras came along I was so excited. I could have pictures! They could be printed by myself or professionals or used on a computer to email or have screen savers of my life that were just fun to sit and watch.

As an example of memories, the picture above is one. That is my granddaughter in her first big girl nightgown and slippers. She was so fascinated with the slippers! She kept looking down at her feet all morning. She loved them and I hear it may have started a thing with her about shoes. My daughter tells me she wants her shoes put on every morning when she gets dressed.

The picture of the scarf was taken inside with flash. 

Not counting cameras in phones we have owned 4 digital cameras. One Kodak, a Casio and two Nikons. Of those four the Nikons are my favorites. We have a Nikon Cool Pix which is slim, lightweight and great to take along on a trip for snapshots. The other is a Nikon D70. It is a heavier digital SLR camera. I use it a lot on a tripod for product photos for my online products as you can see in the photos above. It has a wonderful flash system that does well for inside shots. However I have learned that the best pictures are still outdoors in natural light which we have plenty of here in Arizona. I learn something new every time I use it. Nikon has a new camera. It is theNikon D300which I think may be worth checking out since I have been so pleased with other Nikon products.

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  1. That is such an awesome photo - and a sweet story about how she now loves shoes. :)


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