Monday, September 24, 2007

With a Little Help

What a beautiful morning it was! The temperature was cool and it wasn't so breezy that my things were blowing all over the yard. With the help of my usual friend and supervisor I photographed and listed 2 new items in my etsy shop and on blujay.

I really like etsy the best as a place for handcrafted sales but have decided to branch out a bit for more exposure. I have heard many times that it is best to have your things out in more than one place. I have opened shops on blujay and ecrater. (8/8/2013 not on blujay or ecrater any longer but I still have an Etsy shop) I chose the last two mostly because the listings are free and introvert that I am they don't have such a great emphasis on the social network aspects. I know those kind of sites have their advantages but I don't do well with who likes who and how many friends connected to you today kind of places.

I want to create and sell things I am proud of to people who will enjoy them. I have decided that when I create multiples of an item the first listing is on etsy and the other places get the rest. If an item sells on etsy I can relist it from products on the other sites if there are any.

With all that said below you see what I listed today. It is the same fabric for both headbands. I couldn't decide which color I preferred for the edge so I did both. That way the customer can decide. If you are ready to go shopping there are links to the right that will take you to my shop.

Thanks from myself and Patches for taking the time to look.
If you have any, comments are always welcome.

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