Friday, September 14, 2007


This has been such an exciting day!

I woke up to an email that said I had sold the scarf I listed yesterday. I was so excited because it is my first sale on Etsy. I have sold at craft shows for years but I am a beginner to selling online. I had some errands to run and since the wonderful buyer paid at the time of purchase I mailed it right out. Then it was on to the bank and then the car wash. The car wash puts your license plate in a database of some kind and keeps track of you. It said that it was my 10th wash so it was free! The day gets even better because when I come home and check in to let my buyer know the package has been shipped another sale comes through! This time it was for the bandana. I don't know if it seems silly to you but I turned right back around and went to the Post Office again. I knew tomorrow would be busy with other things and I didn't want to wait until Monday. I know it won't be like this everyday. I don't have enough stuff listed yet to do that anyway. But for today I am grateful. Thank you buyers. Thank you etsy.

One other note for today. It is my sister Karen's birthday. Happy Birthday to You, Sis!

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  1. congratulation on the sales,,I havent had any in a long time,,but there is always hope and I do have faith that they will pick up again,,


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