Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Me and Exercise

Way back in my archives you will see posts about my struggle to quit smoking. I think I have become a nonsmoker now. I feel good about that. However I gained about 20 pounds since then and it is really bugging me. I really don't think I changed my eating habits. I have heard that your metabolic rate changes when you don't have nicotine boosting it all the time. I have no idea if this is true. I just know what happened to me.

I am trying to get serious about getting back down to a weight I was before. I was using some exercise dvds from Prevention the past few months about 3 times a week and they felt pretty good. Doing the same routines in front of the tv every morning can get kind of stale though. I picked up a walking dvd by Leslie Sansone the other day. I am really glad I did. I feel more energized with the walking routines than I did with the Prevention exercise dvds. My goal is to do the 4 fast mile walking routine every weekday morning. I figure if I can increase the calories I burn each day and watch what I eat something has got to happen. I will let you know.

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