Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I thought you brought it....

Jim and I seem to do this all the time especially with cameras. We have three nice ones and never seem to have them with us at the right times. We have a very nice Nikon but it is big and heavy. It is wonderful for taking my online product pictures and posed shots of visiting family and friends here at home. We have two small slim cameras that do a good job of touristy snapshots away from home. It is these cameras that we never seem to have at the right time.

We took a trip to Lake Havasu City and were there from Thursday to Saturday and of course had no camera with us. One of the slim easy to use ones was at Jim's office. The other was at home and we talked about taking it. It ended up that each of us thought the other would pack it and of course neither of us did. This trip to Lake Havasu City could mean changes for us soon. We will know more by the end of the week.

On Sunday my brother came through Phoenix on his way to Long Beach from Houston. He and his girlfriend Leslie will be back at the same address again and they stopped to see us on the way back with her car and the last of her things from her Houston condo. It was nice to see them. We had a good visit and meal at Saute. Of course I told them all about Etsy. Leslie is a jewelry maker and may be looking for online selling opportunities some day. It would be nice to have an Etsy buddy in the family.

I showed her some of the thing I make and she really liked a ladder yarn shawl I made. They are some of the most dramatic things I make. She wanted one in the colorway you see below to be made as a gift. I have the knitting done and now need to get the fringe on it which is my least favorite part of creating one. That is today's project and the goal is to have it done by noon which should happen unless I spend too much time messing around online. (As if I would ever do that!)

I sold a lot of these in Utah in many different colors. I haven't made them to sell on Etsy yet but I suppose I should. They are a great way to dress up that basic black outfit. I sold many of them to people who go on cruises. They will pack very well without taking up much room and are a good accessory for formal night.

Off now to do a few chores, exercise, get dressed and get the shawl fringed. Have a fantastic day.

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