Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Third Time!

This is my third treasury in a short time. I did the roses and pearls theme because my birthday is in June and they are both symbols for the month. Although building treasuries on Etsy really is so much fun I will take a break after this one. I have no idea how I have been lucky enough to stumble on the opportunity so often that I almost feel guilty. I'll step back after this one expires and enjoy the work of others.

I figured out how to get a screen shot of my treasury for the blog. You can find it live right here. It will expire in two days.

While you are there you can look around at the other treasuries in the lists. Curators with much better vision than I have made some absolutely wonderful, funny, beautiful and thought provoking lists. Etsy is certainly a site worth taking your time at. You can discover arts and crafts from the widest range of shops I know of on the web.

Let me know what you think about Etsy, Treasury or anything elso on your mind. I like to know that someone is reading.


  1. WOW--that is an absolutely gorgeous list! Took my breath away for a second, lol!! I don't know how you are getting all those treasuries, I can't seem to get there at the right time I guess. Oh well, I'm glad you are and you're doing a great job with them.
    Smiles, Karen

  2. I haven't even tried getting a Treasury for a long time. I used to sit and wait such a long time to get one. I finally just gave up, haha. It's super fun creating one though.

    I too love Etsy and think it's great what those guys have done for soooo many people.

  3. That's an awesome list and happy belated birthday if it's already passed. Thanks for stopping by my blog - it's nice to know that readers to pop by.

  4. Congrats. on the treasuries. I just haven't gotten up the courage to meet tackle it. Your blog is interesting and fun to read. Corine

  5. Happy Birthday to you. I hope you get lots of pearls and roses.


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