Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

Jim and I spent a quiet Mother's Day at home. We started off with some of his great French Toast for breakfast. He makes it with Hawaiian bread and it is soooooo Yummy. I got phone calls and text messages from the kids in Utah. I was nice to chat with everyone for awhile.

We had rented movies at Blockbuster the night before and watched movies all day and evening. Movies are something we don't do very ofter so it was a real treat. The first one we watched was Blood Diamond. I really enjoyed it. It sure makes you consider where things come from. Mining has always seemed like such hard and dangerous work even without the problems of civil war.

To lighten the mood the next one was The Devil Wears Prada. I like Meryl Streep in any movie she has done that I have seen and this was no exception. Of course everyone ends on their way to happily ever after but getting there the story was cute.

Last we watched Flags of Our Fathers. What kept running through my mind was how politics never change. I can see the current government ignoring the details to just get good PR just like in the movie. I also kept hearing the Johnny Cash song about Ira Hayes in my head through the whole thing. I am so thankful (forgive my selfishness) that in 17 years of being a military wife I didn't have to send my husband to war. The day in and day out worry and anguish would be so hard to bear.

Enough deep stuff. I hope all mothers had a restful and wonderful day.

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