Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fearless Fibers

I hope to start using the Etsy Mini to feature an Etsy Artisan several times a week. Take a look at the first one-Fearless Fibers.

In her own words on her first etsy anniversary-

"How lucky am I to create something that I love and to be able to sell it to those who not only love it also, but with whom I share a common passion in the love of knitting and all things fiber? Every day, I get notes from customers telling me about the things they’ve made with my yarns. They send me pictures of their finished projects. I hear about how much their sister or mother or best friend loves the gift they knit for her. We share an occasional laugh or knitting tip or story. They actually thank me for doing what I do. Imagine that? They thank ME when it is they who deserve my deepest gratitude (which they also have!)."
As a lurker for months and a slow starter on Etsy, one yarn seller has always had my attention. As a "feels like" life long knitter and crocheter I love looking at yarns. Fearless Fibers has always had beautifully dyed yarns in her shop. The selection of weights and fibers is impressive as well. I can almost always tell without seeing the name when her new listings scroll across on Time Machine 2. That is a wonderful way to start browsing the site for that "gotta have it" random kind of shopping by the way.

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