Monday, April 30, 2007

This handsome young man is my grandson. He is turning 4 years old today. He has a great smile but I like this picture of one of his more serious moments.
Happy Birthday Hunter!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Royal Flush and Tammy

Sometimes on Saturday mornings Jim and I go to a casino. They are usually quiet on weekend mornings before about 10 a.m. and we like it that way. This morning we went to the Apache Gold Casino in Globe, Arizona. I like to play video poker. This place has machines that you can play on amounts from pennies on up. This morning I was playing nickels and played for several hours before it took the money I had put in it. I knew that it would be time to head for home soon so I put in the last of what I had budgeted for the morning and changed to playing quarters. I figured I was in budget if I lost or possibly a good 4 of a kind and I'd walk out even. I was down to $20 left in the machine when it dealt me four to a royal flush. If you play video poker you have seen a few of these yourself. I figured if it went as usual I may get a pair or if lucky a straight or flush. Anyway from the title of the post you should have figured what happened. I got a $1000 Royal Flush! So cool! I just love it when they have to come pay me!

As for the Tammy part of the title - that is my daughter that checks this blog often. She never leaves a comment though. Hi Tammy!
These are pictures from Easter a few years ago. Tammy came up with a tropical theme for our Easter meal and it was a lot of fun.

Tammy is on the right in the first picture. She is standing between her sister Cindy and her dad, Jim. The picture on the right is of my sons in law. Tammy's husband, Jason, is the guy in the hula skirt. Cindy's husband, Kevon, is the other guy in the baseball cap. I thought Jason might really appreciate the picture.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Scarf Guy

Scarf Guy was among the earliest sellers on Etsy. I admire his craft for the classic designs and beautiful fibers her uses to create them. Take a look at some of the newest items in his shop-

In his own words from his Etsy profile-

I've been weaving for about 18 years. It started as relaxing hobby that would take me away from the high-tech high-stress world of computers and networks. Weaving has since become a passion. I retired in 2004 from the high-tech world to pursue handweaving full-time. There is nothing more fulfilling than to create something of beauty, something tangible, with your own hands. I use the finest natural fibers: merino wool, cashmere, silk, qiviut (muskox), camel, and yak. I take no short cuts in my work, every piece is individually hand threaded, handwoven, and hand hemstitched

Make sure and scroll down and to check the archives for the latest from the shops of other Etsians I have blogged. Look for their shop names as titles.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Stud

I told Jim I'd make him famous on my blog so today is his day in my little part of cyberspace. He calls himself the stud but the kids and grandkids all know he is a softie. It was hard to find pictures of him because he is usually the one taking the pictures.

This is the guy I have spent more than 30 years with and they have been good ones. He is also a good support for my crafting craziness. There were many times he found it rather boring but sat through an afternoon at a show or festival to keep me company. He is the reason I have time in my life for an Etsy shop. The fact that I haven't done a whole lot with it is my fault.

He has been very encouraging in my struggle to quit smoking as well. I don't think I could have done it so easily without his support.

He's a great guy and I am thankful everyday he is part of my life.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hemstitched Headband

I noticed lately that wide headbands have become popular. It was an idea I wanted to see if I could make in my own style. I came up with what you see here and I am pleased with how it turned out. I own a hemstitching machine that I used to make holes on the edge of the fabric. After that I used coordinating crochet thread to put the decorative edge and the ties on. I decided to do ties rather than sew elastic on it to make the size more adaptable for more people. Also even though I own the hemstitcher, a serger and a sewing machine I prefer to do as much creation as I can without machines. This headband is now listed in my shop
I've been going through my fabric stash to find other colors and fabrics that I think would make great headbands. Keep an eye on the shop - there are more of them coming soon!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Ling Glass

I don't wear much jewelry but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the beauty of it. This etsy seller was one of the first on the site and has always stood out among all the rest. These pictures should tell you why.

In her own words-
= About my works =
Art Nouveau jewelry is mainly where my inspiration comes from. I love the flow of each design and the craftsmanship.

I've been making glass pendants for more than 10 years. Being able to achieve good soldering skill is through years of practising, no secret tips or any special tools used. Though my skill is not 100% perfect, but it's enough to impress myself and many of the people who has bought my glass pieces.
I've been able to sell at a reasonably low price because I try to increase my speed in making each pieces.

I hope you'll enjoy browsing my shop as much as I enjoy creating new pieces. :-)

Thursday, April 12, 2007


It gets impressed on you over and over about the importance of good photos to sell items online in the forums on etsy and selling tips on etsy wiki. I have been so worried about even coming close to the standards of photography I have seen in many etsy shops that it created a bit of paralysis in me that kept me in part from listing. Yesterday I decided to just start going for it the best I can. I realized I won't get better unless I take pictures and get them out there. We own a good SLR digital camera that I really don't know much beyond the very basics on how to use but I do want to learn.
I also have 3 different softwares for photo editing that I am using to see which one I am most comfortable with. What I have found with most of them is that any auto fixing I do seems to make the picture look worse. The colors and lighting seem to get all messed up. What I use the software for mostly is cropping and resizing and let the camera's pictures be as they are for the rest of it. I have found one effect that I like for the pictures that other people may not like. I prefer to soften the edges of the pictures. I think it creates a softer look on the page which fits in with my theme of making life "cozy".
I have way too much stuff in my craft room to leave it all just sitting here. I get new ideas all the time that will only add to it. And above all that I really would like to say to my husband some day that I sold something!
So you have my thoughts for today. Feel free to leave a comment. It's nice to know someone might be reading.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fearless Fibers

I hope to start using the Etsy Mini to feature an Etsy Artisan several times a week. Take a look at the first one-Fearless Fibers.

In her own words on her first etsy anniversary-

"How lucky am I to create something that I love and to be able to sell it to those who not only love it also, but with whom I share a common passion in the love of knitting and all things fiber? Every day, I get notes from customers telling me about the things they’ve made with my yarns. They send me pictures of their finished projects. I hear about how much their sister or mother or best friend loves the gift they knit for her. We share an occasional laugh or knitting tip or story. They actually thank me for doing what I do. Imagine that? They thank ME when it is they who deserve my deepest gratitude (which they also have!)."
As a lurker for months and a slow starter on Etsy, one yarn seller has always had my attention. As a "feels like" life long knitter and crocheter I love looking at yarns. Fearless Fibers has always had beautifully dyed yarns in her shop. The selection of weights and fibers is impressive as well. I can almost always tell without seeing the name when her new listings scroll across on Time Machine 2. That is a wonderful way to start browsing the site for that "gotta have it" random kind of shopping by the way.
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