Monday, March 19, 2007

Renaissance Festival

Jim and I went to the Arizona Renaissance Festival on Sunday and had a great time. There were more things there than you could ever see in a day. We saw the jousting, the shops, the food, a few of the shows and games. The humor in the shows was great. We started by hearing the music of Tartanic. Bagpipes and drums done by as they said "men without pants". A great way to start the day after St. Patrick's Day. We spent time watching spinning, weaving, basketry, blacksmithing and glassblowing. I don't know how renaissance themed vanilla lattes and diet pepsi are but it was good to be able to get something to drink and the variety of food offered was impressive too. The Tortuga Twins show was sooooo funny. Be warned, if you go with kids, its a little grown up but so much fun!

We watched a glass demonstration and saw a vase done from start to finish. I don't know the vocabulary for the art so I may describe the process wrong so forgive me. The vase was hand blown. Flowers and stems were attached to the hand blown center. A base was added. The top was added to and then opened up and pulled. The piece was fumed to give it an iridescence. Anyway after seeing the piece done from start to finish and seeing the skill, art and technique that went into making it we decided to buy it. It had to go through some kind of cooling process to be ready for us so we should be able to bring it home on Tuesday. I will try to get some pictures of it in here this week.

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