Monday, March 12, 2007

Another Monday

I try each week to make a plan on what to do as far as home and chores and errands and crafting. Some of it gets done and some doesn't. I am terrible about procrastinating. Living a life without deadlines is not good for me. I try giving myself deadlines but I then ignore myself so that does no good at all.

I came up with a new to me phrase last week that kind of describes this. I thought it was cute and so did my daughter. My son in law wasn't amused and I didn't even say it to my husband because I knew I'd get the "that's great Kath" response. It is "distracted by my brain". What it means to me is that while I'm doing one thing I am thinking of several other things to do at the same time. Some of the ideas will get started right away so they are not forgotten which of course means that what I was doing at the time gets put on hold. Can you tell from this that I have a life full of UFOs (unfinished objects). I mean well - I really do!

As for my New Year Resolutions, I am just doing okay. The exercise is hit and miss. I have been smoke free since the 8th of January however. I wasn't sure I could do it. Each week is getting easier. I still get hit with a strong craving once or twice a day. The cravings come usually when I am feeling my energy levels start to drop. My mind tells me a cigarette and a cup of coffee would help. Much of the rest of the time I feel like a nonsmoker.

Anyway have a happy Monday and a great week with whatever you have planned.


  1. I can relate to what you are saying--very much! I have gotten in the habit of jotting down ideas in the various notebooks I leave laying around. When new ideas strike when I'm in the middle of something, I just jot it and go back to what I was doing--less UFO's that way too. Then, when the slump days hit, I can grab a notebook and get inspired. Also, when you get those "now what was I thinking of doing with that XYZ?" moments, I can check. LOL! It works for me :-D
    Way to go on the smoking too! I quit 3 years ago--and I'm so glad I did! Stick with it, you are doing GREAT!!
    Smiles, Karen

  2. Thanks for the encouragement on smoking! I have the little notebooks too. I also keep one special one to write notes as I design a new knitting or crochet project so I don't forget sizes and stitch counts etc. if I want to do the project again.

  3. I have that problem too! A life of UFOs... I get so excited to try my new idea that I put every else down, which of course means nothing gets finished! :)


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